Monday, April 9, 2012

Beware! Caritas Health Sheild Scam!

This is to warn you about the so called SCAM of the Caritas Health Sheild representatives.

This scam has been around for so many years now and they still keep on practicing it until now (2017). In spite of so many cases filed to them, they are still operational since the scam is committed allegedly by Caritas Health Sheild representatives and not by the company itself. They keep on doing it simply because we Filipinos are trusting and when it come's to health specially for us and for our love ones, we can easily be tricked so I advised you to have your self, your friends and relatives be informed to battle this kind of fraud.

Their usual strategy goes like this:

1. They will send you a text or even give you a call informing that you were selected among the few to receive benefits from Caritas ("freebies" and or "free health card") and need to claim it in their office. In addition to that, they would also ask you to bring your valid IDs, Credit Card, etc.

2. Once you drop by to their office, they will let you talk to their representatives/agents to discuss regarding their health insurance before giving you the "freebies" which really are not worth-it.

3. They'll discuss with you all their insurance plan (which is obviously the main purpose of all the texts and calls you received), and will convince you so by making "tricky words" and irresistible insurance package for you to swipe your credit card "at once" to avail their so called promo... Once you swipe your credit card with the insurance plan, that's it! You're done. If for example they assure you before you swipe your card that you can cancel your credit card payment any time within the week, they will deny it straight in your face specially if there is no written/signed agreement for this matter.

A successful swipe of your credit card means another successful modus operandi for them. Note that you cannot claim a refund of your money once you are billed. It is their legal way of committing fraud so to speak. They already studied all the legalities and you cannot win even if you file a complaint about this issue.

When trapped in this situation, please do have a black and white agreement for "every" transaction with them. Ask for the copy of the insurance package they discussed with you because most of these tempting packages are not included in the final copy of your insurance policy plan. So sad that Doctors consultation fee are also not included in this package. Bottom-line is: Don't ever swipe your card or involve any transactions concerning money. 

To save your precious time and effort and to avoid being fooled by this SCAM, what we can do right now is to ignore all their annoying messages and calls and inform others as much as we can about this fraud. 

*** BEWARE!!! ***

Here are some of the agents involved in the half baked policy agreement / scam.

Makati Branch:
Bhavelyn Kim Uson
Jun Asuncion
Lea P. Anciro
Dahlia Sy
Elizabeth Go

Bacoor Branch:
Alysses Matro
Stelsa Laude
John Anthony Abelarde

You may also check additional names of agents mentioned in the comments section below for additional information.Their operation also expanded in different parts of Metro Manila.

See image below:

Updated September 22, 2017.
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